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How to Make a Custom Dress Form
by Don McCunn

How to Make a Custom Dress Form
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Important Note

In order to create a dress form described in this series, you need custom-fit patterns for the upper torso (aka bodice) and the lower torso (aka skirt). To create a full body double or pants form, a pants pattern is useful. For more information, see Required Patterns.

The e-Books in this series are designed to work with the free Adobe Reader XI or DC. They will not work on tablets. To verify they will work on your system, use the free Introduction.

To activate the Order Form for the e-Books, click on the check box to indicate you have the Required Patterns and Adobe Reader.

Title Size Price Cable* DSL*
An Introduction 53 MB Free 1:31 min 3:42 min
Volume 1 – The Torso Form 228 MB $10.00 6:32 min 15:56 min
Volume 2 – Dress Form Stands 146 MB $10.00 4:11 min 10:12 min
Volume 3 – Full Body Doubles   280 MB $10.00 8:02 min 19:34 min

* Very, very approximate download times in minutes.

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