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How to Make a Custom Dress Form
by Don McCunn

Convertible Custom Dress Forms

The Dress Forms described in this series have been created so they can be combined in different configurations for optimum flexibility for any given project.

  • Lower Torso Form for skirts.
  • Lower and Upper Torso Forms for garments for the upper body.
  • Lower Torso Form and legs for a Pants Form.
  • Pants Form and Upper Torso with arms and a head for a Full Body Double.
  • A variety of Bra Forms on the Torso Form for different undergarment shapes.

This flexibility is achieved by creating a copy of the Lower Torso Form for the Skirt and Pants Forms that is slightly reduced in size. The Full Torso Form can then be used by itself or placed on top of these other two forms for full length garments.

The Lower Torso form combined with a stand creates a Skirt Form. Skirt Form
The Full Torso placed over the Skirt can be used for full length garments. Torso Form
A stand used with the legs creates a Hanging Pants form. Hanging Pants Form
The legs moved to a different stand creates a standing Pants Form. Standing Pants Form
The Pants Form combined with the Torso can be used for full length garments. Full Length Form
Arms and a head can be added for a Full Body Double.
The Bra Forms can be changed to match an undergarment.
Variations of the Bra Forms

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